I am Floyd Schell. My wife Truusje and the Jezewski family have known the Stonestreet's for more than 35 years. For a number of those years we lived as neighbors just down the street out in front of this church.

Collectively we have had a million laughs together by sharing nearly every holiday, birthdays, parties, anniversaries, cruises, raising our children and many other activities over all those years. We could all write a book on the many joys we shared together.

Today I have been requested by our friend to read a special write-up he wrote. But before I do I would like to give a short prelude of my own.

Our friend had many names- as a boy he was known as "Sonny" in his hometown. He had a family nickname as "Stompy". In the Air Force the name painted on his F-86 airplane was "Cotton Mouth" - He said he was given this name because he came from Mississippi. He was "Dad", and to his Grandchildren "Pop". A few people referred to him as "Bob" - but to most of his many many friends and associates he was just plane "Stoney".

Stoney was a most unique man in so many ways. In my thinking he always fulfilled every one of the Boy Scout laws in every way: Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient (but sometimes Virginia may differ) and Cheerful etc.

With these qualities he had a devout love of his God, his Family and his Country. He loved them all as few other men I know. He especially loved all his Grandchildren and was a great patriotic man.

Needless to say Stoney enjoyed life. He had a great love of sports, he knew all the rules of all the games he played, he enjoyed playing golf the most, he also liked to travel and enjoyed dancing. He and I were both faithful listeners to Paul Harvey, to Paul Berlin --- a local Houston D.J. who for at least 30 years played his type of 40ís and 50ís music, and listeners to Rush Limbaugh.

Stoney also loved to watch old western movies. His favorites were "Shane" and "Josey Wales". He also enjoyed the war and historical movies.

I must digress here and mention one element of our past, which I hope you will appreciate.

The Stonestreet family has been members of the Clear Lake Presbyterian Church for over thirty years and Stoney was an Elder. Be that what it may - before this church was built, every Thanksgiving Day, as well as many days, our families would play football right here on location when it was a vacant lot. I want you folks to know you are seated on hallowed ground between the 10 and 40 yard lines and this sanctuary is over the 50 yard line. I consider this a great tribute to Stoney. As a Catholic, I personally will consider this Church "Saint Stoney's".

Stoney had many great talents. He had a great unique whit in both spoken and written word Iím sure you all know experienced these. Who can ever forget him calling many things "DOOFER", his pause in speaking and say "ANYHOW" just before one of witty zingers and his disagreements with Virginia by just saying "DAAA".

Now for what I came here to do -- Virginia told me Stoney had a request that I read to you the following written by Stoney not long ago. It is a synopsis of his life he want you all to know about him.

As a tribute to Stoney I would like everyone to stand. Stoney always loved to here the various military hymns arranged by Bob Sharphole and played Paul Berlin on the radio on various occasions. This was one of his favorites ---- Air Force hymn. - Thank you.]] I would like to add that last Saturday night as I sat with Stoney in M.D. Anderson hospital he looked over to me and said " Floyd, will you tell all my many friends I love them and thank them for being a part of my life." I would like to close by repeating a wonderful and very true statement my wife Truusje has been saying for years " God just doesnít make them any better than Stoney". Goodbye our beloved Friend. We all love you too.
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